The Benefits of a Metal Roof

When the time comes to replace the roof on a home, property owners find they have numerous choices. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks that should be considered during the decision making process. As people learn about the benefits of a metal roof, more and more are choosing this option. Why is this the case?


One reason more people are opting for a metal roof today is its longevity. A metal roof can last for 50 years or more when properly maintained. In fact, many homeowners find it is the last roof they ever need to purchase thanks to its durability. The material is extremely strong and durable and is pest resistant.

Lower Energy Bills

A metal roof reflects solar energy. As a result, the interior of the home stays cooler and the occupants are more comfortable. A person may save up to 25 percent on their energy bill every year when this roofing material is selected.

Reduced Maintenance

Asphalt shingles require a great deal of maintenance. The property owner must examine the roof regularly to make certain no damage has occurred and carry out necessary repairs in a timely manner to prevent issues. With a metal roof, the owner finds he or she can spend significantly less time on maintenance as the roof comes with a protective coating, one that allows snow, ice, and water to simply slide right off the roof.

Good for the Environment

A metal roof may contain as much as 95 percent recycled material, allowing a person to choose this option without worrying about the roof’s impact on the planet. In addition, when the roof is no longer needed, all components can be recycled once again. This means less material ends up in a landfill.

Fire Resistant

The wildfires in California have demonstrated the importance of using fire-resistant materials when building a home. Metal roofs easily resist fire, making them a great choice in areas where wildfires are prevalent, where lightning strikes are common, and anywhere fire is of concern when it comes the safety and integrity of a building.

These are only some of the many benefits of a metal roof, and more great info for homeowners is available. Spend time learning about this roofing option today. You may find it is ideal for your home and lifestyle.